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Golden pheasant back with owners

SUPERIOR, Wis. - A Chinese golden pheasant captured by Superior Police Monday as it was wandering in a rail yard has been returned to its rightful owners.

The brightly colored rooster was reunited Tuesday evening after being picked up by Debbie Waters, education director for Hawk Ridge Observatory in Duluth. The male has a bright golden head with iridescent blue and red feathers on its back.

"The guy said he heard a commotion in the coop and when he opened the door, the rooster flew over his head," Waters said. "They keep them as a hobby. As pets. They aren't going to eat it."

Some people expressed concern after Superior's last animal rescue, when the owner of a goat rescued at the city's water treatment plant said he planned to eat it for a holiday feast.

Waters added that she got the call to pick up the bird form Superior police as she was preparing dinner of ... you guessed it ... pheasant.


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