Weather Forecast


New Year off to a cold start

Some of the coldest air of this winter season has settled in. Of course, last week we had the heavy snow to deal with over the Christmas holiday. This week we have had a bitterly cold air mass in place that will continue to push in some very cold Arctic air for the foreseeable future. We have experienced highs only around zero the last couple of days, and overnight low around 15 to 20 below zero. Highs won't warm up much for today either for the first weekend of 2010.

Looking back we had an usual year in the world of weather across the state. We had a cool summer and a lack of rain for much of the spring and summer. We made up for things this past fall as we had above average temperatures and plenty of rain. Meanwhile, this winter we have had plenty of snow. In fact, the month of December has been the 6th snowiest on record. The cold weather will be the story for the first week in the New Year as well. Wind chill values will continue to be very low. Keep in mind that a wind chill rating of 25 degrees below zero Fahrenheit or lower can cause skin to freeze (frostbite). If it is that cold out, make sure all exposed skin is covered - except your eyes, of course. Have a great weekend and happy New Year!

Weather History: In 1941 Grand Portage got over 4.5 inches of precipitation in just 24 hours. That's roughly how much normally falls there during the winter months (Nov.-Feb).

Weather facts: Just because the sun is out on a winter day does not mean it is warm. In northern climates, the coldest days are usually the clear ones - no clouds to hold in what little heat may be radiating away from the earth.


Moorhead...Low -21...High 2

Duluth...Low -17.. High 2

Morris...Low -10... High -1

Twin Cities...Low -13...High 2

Rochester...Low -14... High 2

Marshall...Low...-19...High 3

Today: Partly cloudy and very cold. High -1 Low -12 Winds: NW 10-15 mph Prec. None

Today's sunrise: 8:04 am Today's sunset: 4:47 p.m.

Normal High: 15 Normal Low: 1

High pressure will keep our weather in-check for today, but it will remain very cold.

Sunday: Partly cloudy and not as cold. High 9 Low -12 Winds: NE 10-15 mph Prec. None

Monday: Partly cloud and unseasonably cool. High 8 low -6 Winds: NE 10-15 mph Prec. None

Tuesday: Partly cloudy and still cold, chance of a few flurries. High 6 Low -7 Winds: NE 5-15 mph Prec. Trace

Wednesday: Partly cloudy, slight chance of light snow. High 3 Low -14 Winds: SE 5-15 mph Prec. Trace-.05"