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Matt Hone resigns as Owls football coach

The future of Hancock football continues to be a concern at school board meetings. The most recent came when the board accepted the resignation of head football coach Matt Hone at its December meeting. With his resignation the board once again questioned the possibility of future pairing in the sport and if talks should resume before action is taken to hire a new coach.

Since the Chokio-Alberta board has decided to look at all options before making a decision, Hancock is taking a wait and see stand. The board is hoping that some decisions will be made in the coming months. Before addressing the hiring of a new coach, the board will see what other options will be available in the future.

In the meantime the board took some positive action toward the future of the school by approving the sale of QSCB bonds that will cover the cost of the new boilers approved at last month's meeting. After some concern over possibly not selling the bonds, the board was recently informed that the sale had gone through at an interest rate of 2.4 percent.

Dee Dee Kahring of Springsted Incorporated has been working on selling the bonds for the Qualified School Construction Bonds (QSCB). The original hope was to sell them at 0 percent with the buyer receiving a tax credit for the purchase. However, due to the size of the bond and other concerns, it was necessary to add the interest rate. The bond sale was for $305,000 and the note will expire in 2024. This bond will be revenue neutral and will not affect taxpayer dollars paid to the district.

Other business

• The board certified the 2009 pay 2010 tax levy for $556,987.44. This represents a 13.33 percent increase over last year. The majority of this comes through the Health and Safety category and is from the asbestos abatement of the school gym floor. Truth in Taxation information was presented however there were no members of the public present for this portion of the meeting.

• A proposal was received for Eide Bailly for the School Audit work over the next three years. The fee schedule was reviewed for the last three years noting an increase each year of $450-$500. The next three years would continue to see an increase in this range each year. Board members noted that this is an annual increase of four to five percent increase each year. It was decided to get other proposals in order to get comparison prices.

• The board approved Chuck Nelson as a substitute driver for wrestlers.

• Superintendent Jerry Martinson reported on school activities over the last month and commented on the recent concerts. He told the board that the hard work and sacrifices by the directors and teachers is appreciated by the community.

• In Community Ed it was reported that ECFE is having a successful year with 25-30 participants at each session. That is a very good turn out for the weekly event.

Next month's board meeting will be held on the fourth Monday, Jan. 25