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Talking it over -- 12-31-09

There is nothing like a Minnesota blizzard to put a damper on holidays. Even though it was predicted well in advance, many Minnesotans still held out hope that Christmas would not be ruined by a blizzard. In some cases, perhaps it wasn't but in many other cases it was.

I have heard of several family gatherings, Christmas parties, meals, programs, services and concerts that had to be either postponed or canceled altogether. It is a sad turn of events since in many cases, the spirit of these events just can't be repeated or recreated at another time. Inevitably there will be those who cannot attend, cannot return home or have other plans when attempting to reschedule. As far as programs, services and concerts go, it just isn't the same to listen to the music and messages of Christmas after the holiday is over.

For my family the weather affected our Christmas Eve plans, but the kids and their families were able to get home on Christmas Day. It was a worry right up until that morning and I am so thankful to helpful souls who blew snow on Christmas Day and determined family members who would drive on ice and in blowing snow to get there. Despite the things missed, we had a good holiday.

I am sure there are those who cannot say the same. Many of our shut ins who look forward to that one time a year when they can spend time with family may have been disappointed due to the weather. Some who expected large crowds and prepared food for many could just be eating a lot of leftovers for the next several weeks.

I hope your holidays were good despite the weather and above all I hope that the winter of 2010 will be a lot better than the last few weeks of the winter of 2009.