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As the year comes to an end many newspapers, TV, and radio shows look back at events and deaths in the year 2009. Novelists who have died include Dominick Dunne who wrote 'The Two Mrs. Grenvilles' and also 'An Inconvenient Woman'. He also wrote real life murder mysteries and I saw him on TV a lot. Another novelist who passed away this year was John Updike who wrote the 'Rabbit Run' series of books. These were both authors who I read in the seventies when I first started reading books from my "Book of the Month" club.

A celebrity who was an important person to me who died in 2009 was Mary Travers of Peter, Paul and Mary fame. She was my hero. My sister-in-law, Shirley, and I went to a concert in Minneapolis to see Peter, Paul and Mary in about 1969 and we sat in the fifth row and what a thrill that was. I so wanted to be Mary Travers. (Well either I wanted to be Mary Travers or Audrey Hepburn.) Mary had long, blond straight hair and well I wasn't blond and my hair would never grow long and straight. It was too thick and so when it got long it just stuck out farther and farther rather than flowing straight down my back (my friend Donna had Mary Travers hair and I was so jealous). Peter, Paul and Mary had many of what they are now calling war protest songs like "If I had a Hammer." It was the Vietnam War era, but I never thought of them as that, but only as great folk music that you could sing along with. My kids were also raised on hearing and singing along with Peter, Paul and Mary. We would ride down the road singing. "Puff the Magic Dragon" and "Stewball" and I continue to have Peter, Paul and Mary music on my I-Pod that I listen to.

Happy New Year

See ya at the Library, next year.