Weather Forecast


Talking It Over

I can handle the cold part of this winter thus far but I am hopeful that the snow and wind stay away for as long as possible. Since my husband injured his back in October, I have tried to assume a few of his chores around the house with the most recent one including the snow blowing. Initially I thought it was kind of fun but now I find myself listening to the forecasts and hoping that the storms stay away for several more weeks.

I haven't taken on the challenge of starting the big tractor to blow snow. That just seems too monumental to me. Instead I have used our lawn mower/snow blower to get rid of the bank that tends to form in front of our garage doors. It is a slow and tedious task as the blower is not that wide and can only handle small chunks at a time. It is a constant push forward and back up slowly, over and over again, to remove the snow buildup. During a couple of our nice sunny afternoons last week, I enjoyed the repetition and bundled up so the cold didn't bother me too much.

Saturday as I was blowing the path just a little wider, I looked up at the window in the garage and there I spotted my husband looking out with what I would term as 'longing' in his eyes. He is so used to being the one to do these types of projects that it may just feel odd to have to sit and watch while also controlling the advice or criticism levels.

In all the years that my husband has been in charge of the snow blowing duties I don't believe I ever watched intently out the window. That is unless I was anxious to get out and about after several days of confinement. It was just a task he needed to complete while I concentrated on work indoors.

With the threat of wind and snow constantly in the forecast I have found that I now fear the possibility of some major storm letting loose on our area. I just don't know how I will cope with the added challenges of additional banks, freezing temperatures and constant drifting. I believe there would be a few phone calls to neighbors or friends with larger equipment and more strength and expertise than myself.

I have come to really appreciate the many things that my husband has done around our home over the years. From the big projects like blowing snow to the small repairs like a leaky faucet, there just never seems to be an end. Even now as I do as much as I can to keep things running smoothly, I realize that there are many things simply beyond my means and they have been put on hold until he is able to do them himself. I really hope that he heals up fast.

People often say 'get well soon' when you are sick or have had surgery. I have never meant those words more than I do now as I wish my husband has a speedy recovery, hopefully before the worst of winter arrives.