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Hancock LIbrary News

Brand new books at the Library-Just opened the box this morning---

Three Snow Bears-Jan Brett

Who's that Knocking on Christmas Eve?-Jan Brett

Lakeshore Christmas-Susan Wiggs

The Perfect Christmas-Debbie Macomber

The Christmas Cookie Club-Ann Pearlman

Knit the Season-Kate Jacobs (Author of Friday Night Knitting Club)

Casting Off-Nicole Dickson

Going Rogue-Sarah Palin

The Lacuna-Barbara Kingsolver

True Blue-David Baldacci

U is for Undertow-Sue Grafton

Finger Lickin Fifteen-Janet Evanovich

"Christmas is Coming

The Goose is getting Fat

Please put a Penny

In the old Man's Hat!"

God Bless us Everyone--Merry Christmas and Happy Reading

See ya at the Library!