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Bits & Pieces - December 17

Sitting in my big stuffed recliner feeling yucky and watching it snow outside and listening to radio and tv telling me the temperature will drop below zero overnight, I'm saying to myself "why is it I live in Minnesota?"

I have never been a fan of winter and not feeling well doesn't add to the appreciation of it.

I did feel somewhat better after two of our daughters called. Our daughter, Barb who lives in Edgerton, Wisc. which is about 35 miles south of Madison, called to say they had 18 inches of snow, school was called off and our son-in-law, Mark wasn't able to go to work in Madison because the roads were closed. So okay, it could have been worse here.

But the best phone call was from daughter, Lisa who lives in Danville, Calif. which is in northern California. The temperature hit 22 degrees there. They had to run the heater and keep the water running in their swimming pool overnight so it didn't freeze and damage the fixtures. Ohhh!

And she said she was freezing in her house and wore her parka while she was working at her computer. It seems only a couple of weeks ago she was telling me the temperature was in the 90s and 100s. Oh well!

Weather, how quickly it can change and change your mood. Today, just with the sun shining it makes your spirits lift and you feel like doing something even if it is cold. So since I won't be going anywhere soon, guess I will just learn to appreciate the winter and hope for an early spring. And besides Christmas is coming.

Have a good day!