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Making a list and checking it twice

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The Hancock Commercial Club sponsored an 'Evening With Santa' on Nov. 30, with many area people attending. Pastor Julius Miller opened the evening with a greeting and message.

As the crowd sang Christmas carols, Santa and Mrs. Claus made their entrance. Nearly 75 children made their way to tell the jolly fellow what he could bring them for Christmas.

The Commercial Club wants to thank everyone who made the evening a great success. Special thanks to Pastor Miller, Carol Evink for piano accompaniment, and Hodges 4-H Club for serving the lunch. Also, thanks to Prairie Community Services for decorating the room.

Of course it wouldn't be an 'Evening with Santa' without a visit from Mr. and Mrs. Claus, so thank you to them for taking the time to stop in Hancock.

During their visit with Santa, several of the children brought letters and before he left Hancock, Santa shared those letters with us. Here are a few of the requests area children made for the holidays.

Dear Santa,

I am four years old. I have been a good girl this year, most of the time. I would like a race track, Polly Pocket roller coaster resort, a bike, and a 3-wheel scooter.

Thank you,

Kaitlyn Staples

Dear Santa,

Leapster 2, Nintendo, kitchen set, kitchen food, princess stuff.

Mackenzie Anderson

To Santa,

Shovel & treat.

From Austin Swenson

Dear Santa,

I love you. I want an Easy Bake Oven and a Moxie Girlz.

Merry Christmas.

Cora Millette

Dear Santa,

How are you doing? I am doing great. Now let's get to my wish list. This is my wish list, MP3, Conair hair hair gem kit, Monopoly, spa nails salon, karaoke CD player, talking cashier with fake money ATM machine, fabric design set, Pixos art set, another Webkinz, Moxie Girlz, more earrings, Littlest Pet Shop online.

Love, your friend

Amber Hausmann

Dear Santa,

This is my wish list, computer games, Baby Go Pottie play set, fake money cash register, Spongebob movie, Baby Alive, Webkinz, Tote & Go laptop, V-Smile Cybee pocket learning system, V-Smile cartridges, sand art, Littlest Pet Shop online.

Jordan Hausmann

Dear Santa,

I like toys, especially tractors!

Connor Duncan

Dear Santa,

I would like a toy horse.


Krista Duncan

Dear Santa,

How are you Santa? I would like a scooter, level I books, make up, make up purse. I hope you can come to our house! I wish you a Merry Christmas!


Ella Pedersen

Dear Santa,

I want a Dora scooter and a lipstick purse. I have been good, Santa!


Natalie Pedersen

Dear Santa,

I would like a dinosaur park set, some transformers, a bomber hat, and a jungle adventure set. I have been a good boy. I will leave you and your reindeer cookies and milk. My sister Mandy has been a good girl. You can bring her some girl toys.


Logan Metzger

Dear Santa,

I want a fishing pole, a dog, Playdough, and farm toys. We want a snowmobile, too.

Merry Christmas


Dear Santa,

I would like a Star Wars helmet. Also, a turkey target to shoot at. My brother needs a fishing pole.

Merry Christmas

Ely Rinkenberger

1. Golden retriever puppy

2. a Webkinz

Nadine Miller

Dear Santa,

I have been a good girl. Will you bring me a camera, Bend-a-Roos, Easy Bake Oven, laptop computer, Webkinz, and earrings please.

Thank you,

Alexis Staples

Dear Santa,

How is Rudolph? I would like a guitar and a laptop for Christmas.


Dear Santa,

For Christmas I want the Spongebob Leapster game and the Up Leapster game and I want a Nintendo DS, a pink one, and I want the Santa Buddies movie and the Up movie, and the Bedtime Stories movie and a pink camera, too.


Morgan Kisgen

Dear Santa,

I have been good this year. Please bring me a new Tonka truck, a Spongebob Wii game and some puzzles. I will leave you some milk and cookies. Can you bring a bone for my puppy, Buddy? He has been good too.


Brayden Kisgen

Chloe Crowell's list for Santa:

1. Pink Leapster

2. Barbies.

Thank you!

Merry Christmas!

Love, Chloe

Taryn Paul's wish list:

1. A Moxie Girlz

2. A Moxie Girlz car

3. A butterfly cage

4. American Girl stuff

5. A Barbie car and clothes

6. I Spy books

7. Ant farm

8. Liv doll

Dear Santa,

I would like a new play set, a make up set, and a pink Jeep.

How are your reindeer? How do you make your toys?

I have been a good girl. I will leave you cookies and milk.

Merry Christmas, Santa!


Bryn Brown

Dear Santa,

Please bring Thomas Spin & Fix for me. Do you have any new reindeer?



Dear Santa,

If I've been good, please give me four walkie-talkies. I hope there's room under the tree for it.



P.S. Check your list twice!

P.P.S. Hope I'm good!

Dear Santa,

For Christmas I would like Connect 4x4. Please, can I have it.



P.S. Bryce wants an Airhogs switch blade.

Dear Santa,

How are you doing? Thank you for the stuff I got last year. This is the stuff I want this year, Zero Gravity car and a Super Mario Bros. Wii game, Airhogs air plane.


Zach Flaten

Dear Santa,

How are you? Thank you for the army guys last year. Please can you give me a Lego Star Wars Spider Droid?

Have a good Christmas Eve.


Isaiah Flaten