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Talking it over -- 12-3-09

Watching our area children visit with Santa last night took me back in time a few decades. We had a wonderful turn-out for the yearly event with a line of children and parents stretched nearly out the door at the Community Center. As I looked at that line I remembered standing in a similar line at the Hancock town hall waiting to see Santa.

The town hall was actually the former Hancock movie theatre. There were three levels. The theatre was on the main level and above that was a large open meeting room which often held private parties and special events. It also had a serving kitchen, a bit larger than the one in the current community center.

The basement of the Town Hall was another fairly open area and this is where Santa would set up his visiting area. The stairway to the basement included two flights of steps on the opposite end from where Santa would sit. The line of children waiting to sit on his knee often wound from Santa up both flights of stairs and out onto the sidewalk in front of the building. The wait could be as long as an hour during the peak of the visit. Today I have to wonder how Santa could cheerfully continue to greet this long line of children. He was truly a very special man.

We estimate that last night we had about 75 children plus their parents, grandparents and other community residents. It was a great turn-out and a fun way to kick off the season. We saw some eager children waiting patiently for their turn and then others (like my granddaughter) who were brave right up to the point of sitting on Santa's lap and then screamed in fright and refused to comply. We hope to run our many pictures in the upcoming issues along with the annual Christmas section.

It is so wonderful to see some traditions continue year after year despite the change in times, business situations and busy schedules. The Hancock Commercial Club has sponsored this event for several decades and despite their diminished numbers, continues to give area children this special night each year. It is equally wonderful to have dedicated parents and grandparents who bring in their children to continue to enjoy the event even as they did years ago.