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St. Mary's Samplings

Kindergarten: This was our letter Ii week even though it was a short week! We talked about the first Thanksgiving and read many Thanksgiving books. We discussed about how much we have and how thankful we are. Happy Thanksgiving!

Grade 1: Our new sound in reading was the short "u". We are continuing to practice subtraction in math. We compared carnivores and herbivores. In social we studied the Declaration of Independence and the U.S. Constitution.

Grade 2: We have been working on making change in math and in reading we are working with the ar, arm, and ark phonograms. We are practicing our numbers in Spanish and in science we are discussing "Living Things of the Past."

Grade 3: We are working with multiplication in math and in reading we are working with singular possessive nouns. In social studies we are discussing "Our Country's Geography." We collected a lot of food for the food shelf for Thanksgiving.

Grade 4: This week in science we are finishing up on ecosystems and land and water biomes. For math we are learning about graphing coordinates, bar graphs and line graphs while in English we are focusing on plural, common and proper nouns.

Grade 5: This week we have started a unit on folk tales. We are learning about the different characteristics of folk tales. In math we have been learning how to find the range, mode, median, and mean of a given set of numbers.

Grade 6: We have been learning about the body parts, habitats and food of wild turkeys. We pretended to be a turkey and wrote a poem about life as a turkey. Congratulations to Maddie, Cali and Conner for winning our Bible race challenge.

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Dec. 6-Pancake breakfast

Dec. 8-All School Mass, 11:15 a.m.