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Mr. Beauty Queen

Organizer looking for male contestants for beauty pageant; facial hair OK

If you're a manly man who can also clean up nicely and look sort of pretty, Bonnie Kingsley may be looking for you.

"What we need are a few men who are strong enough to compete like a woman!" Kingsley exclaimed.

She's organizing a reincarnation of the Miss Tootsie pageant in Wadena in January as a fundraiser for the Miss Wadena Scholarship Pageant.

Call it a challenge, or just a simple question: "Do you have what it takes to be Wadena's Miss Tootsie?" Kingsley asked.

"In order to keep the Miss Wadena Scholarship tradition going strong, we need to boost our scholarship fund," she explained. "We also want to put the fun in fundraiser and not just any activity will do."

The Miss Wadena Scholarship Pageant is planning to host the next Wadena's Miss Tootsie Pageant on Friday, Jan. 8 at the Memorial Auditorium. Five to 10 contestants are needed for this faux beauty pageant, so organizers are calling on men aged 21 and older to compete for the title of Wadena's Miss Tootsie.

"The pageant will have a basic format much like our Miss Wadena Pageant," Kingsley said. "A group dance number will be followed by casual/sports wear competition as well as talent and evening gown with on-stage question. We encourage men to show their softer side and retain their facial hair if they so desire. Of course we will all enjoy the drama, drama, drama! We hope to find beauty establishments to sponsor each competitor and help with things like wigs, make-up and other fine beauty needs. We also encourage other businesses to get involved by way of donated items or services as prizes. Ladies, we may be in need of donations of shoes and clothing items to help our gentlemen be outfitted. Our Miss Wadena Scholarship pageant volunteers will work with these gentlemen to prepare them for the big event and they will receive tips and suggestions from our reigning Miss Wadena 2009, Cassondra Behl."

Kingsley said there will be a few short practice sessions and one dress rehearsal. The Wadena's Miss Tootsie Pageant will be open to the public and tickets will be available at Thrifty White Drug and from the contestants.

But first, she said, she needs a few good men.

"None of this can happen without the brave and selfless action of the contestants," Kingsley said. "We need to hear from you! Call now to register as a contestant!"

Contact Kingsley at (218) 631-4178 or (218) 371-9487. Feel free to call if you have questions or have items or services to offer. The group also welcomes volunteers in support of the event.