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Looking Back 11-26-09


(Taken from the Thursday, November 25, 1999 issue of the Hancock Record.)

The Hancock Commercial Club is planning its annual Christmas Lighting Ceremony for Monday evening, Nov. 29. The countdown will begin at 7 p.m. outside the Hancock Post Office. Mayor Ken Grunig will flip the switch to turn on Hancock's Christmas lights.

Children's Book Week was observed by Hancock first graders through a visit to the Public Library. While there they received a tour by librarian Roxane Malland and their own library cards.


(Taken from the Thursday, December 1, 1994 issue of the Hancock Record.)

Funeral services for Lynette Mae Eystad, age 36, a resident of Morris, were held at 10:30 a.m., November 26, at Assumption Catholic Church in Morris. Lynette died November 24, at Stevens Community Medical Center.

High winds and freezing temps created some unusual ice formation on the shores of Page Lake. These icy creations were covered up later in the week with a blanket of over six inches of snow.


(Taken from the Thursday, November 27, 1969 issue of the Hancock Record.)

A two-car, head-on accident claimed the lives of Mr. and Mrs. Bert VerSteeg of Hancock on Sunday and hospitalized three youths in the other car. They were Paul Fehr, Jr, Joe Eystad, and Kenneth Lesmeister, all of Morris.

Basketball fans had a full evening of entertainment at the first basketball jamboree held in Hancock on Saturday with the outcome of three of the four abbreviated games in doubt until the closing minutes. Winners in the jamboree with playing time limited to two quarters, were Graceville, Starbuck, Cyrus and Hancock.


(Taken from the Friday, November 30, 1934 issue of the Hancock Record.)

Now is the proper time of the year to burn off fields and meadows where burning is absolutely necessary. Charles McFarlane, deputy director of the division of Game and Fish, said today. He called attention to the enormous destruction of wildlife when such burning operations are delayed until the spring of the year.

This section of the state has been getting an unusual amount of moisture for this season of the year and it is coming in a way that lets it soak into the ground and provide a good start for next spring's seeding. The past week of rain and wet snow has soaked up the ground in good shape, particularly so as there is no vegetation in the fields to take it up and it will be stored in the soil. It is pretty sloppy under foot and far from pleasant driving, but it is just what we need.


(Taken from the Friday, November 26, 1909 issue of the Hancock Record.)

Fire completely destroyed the house out past the Catholic church occupied by Asterly Atz and family, about six o'clock Saturday evening. Asterly had just been over to the house, shook up the fire and filled and lit the lamp and then started for Mrs. Dudleys to call for his wife who had been spending the afternoon there. He had only gone a short distance when as he chanced to look around he saw the whole front room suddenly flash up and the windows break out. He ran back at once and an alarm was sent in to which the fire department responded promptly but was unable to render any affective aid as the fire had gained such headway and it is outside the water limits.

John Atz has lost his two kittens and offers a reward for their return. John says they were on deck at 5 p.m. and at 6 p.m. when he went to milk the cow they were gone. He also states that he heard a sausage machine at work just about that time and will buy no wienies for at least two weeks to come.