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MnDOT prepares I-94 rest area in Otter Tail County for flooding

In an effort to protect visitors from anticipated flooding this year, the Minnesota Department of Transportation (MnDOT) has built a dike around the parking areas at the Lake Iverson rest area on Interstate 94 eastbound in Otter Tail County.

"We expect rain or snow followed by warm weather or freezing that may cause unsafe conditions," said Lee Berget, District 4 Transportation Engineer. "Although there is no immediate danger to motorists we are preparing to take quick action if necessary yet this fall or next spring."

The Lake Iverson rest area will remain open, unless it is no longer safe for visitors to fully access it. If conditions make closing the rest area necessary, the facility will likely be closed with little or no notice, according to MnDOT. Once the rest area closes, it will remain closed until flood waters recede and the facility is safe and fully functional, Berget said.

MnDOT will continue to explore all options to keep the rest area open as long as possible, and appreciates the public's understanding of the current situation at the Lake Iverson rest area, Berget added.

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