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Hancock Library News

People often ask me where I buy the books for the library. Most of the time I order them from a site called Baker and Taylor. Baker and Taylor is headquartered in Charlotte, N.C. and is the number one bookseller to libraries in the United States. They also sell to retail stores. Baker and Taylor puts those nice coverings on the books that make them library friendly and they also give us a good discount and other library services. Also, Baker and Taylor does not charge postage and handling and that is a huge advantage over other sites and so I don't feel guilty many times ordering just one book.

At other times I do buy books from stores when I am shopping, especially like Barnes and Noble. I also order from other library sites online that specialize in children's books, or on sites like Amazon. Amazon is especially helpful when looking for older books or for looking up reviews on a book. Amazon, to me, is a very addictive site because while looking for library books I end up finding things for my own lists. Currently I have 241 saved items in my cart and 232 more items on my wish list. Obviously I will probably never ever buy all these books, but you just never know when you may need to give your list out to someone who needs help buying a present for you, after all, Christmas is coming!

There are also many books here at the library on my TBR (to be read) list. One of these is "Winter in Madrid" by CJ Sansom. I decided to take the book down and give you and me a little teaser---

"A bomb had fallen in Victoria Street. It had gouged a wide crater in the road and taken down the fronts of several shops. The street was roped off; ARP men and volunteers had formed a chain and were carefully moving rubble from one of the ruined buildings. Harry realized there must be someone under there. The efforts of the rescuers, old men and boys caked with the dust that hung round them in pall, seemed pitiful against the huge piles of brick and plaster. He put down his suitcase."

Stay tuned for more "teasers" from other books in the next weeks. Maybe they will whet your appetite enough to bring you in.

See ya at the Library!