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Hancock Elementary First Quarter Character Awards

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Kindergarten - L to R - Bryn Brown, responsiblity; Dallas Walton, respect; Taylor Brandt, choices; Sophia Schommer, caring and David Milander, effort. Not pictured - Carlee Hanson, honesty.

First grade - L to R -Preston Rohloff, Caring; Morgan Kisgen, Responsibility; Bryce Hacker, Effort; Adam Shaw, Respect; Dawn Messner, Honesty and Devon Schroeder, Choices.

Second Grade - L to R - Parker Schmidgall, Responsibility; Emmanuel Chavira, Respect; Brady Hoberg, Honesty; Daniel Milander, Responsibility and John Kellenberger, Effort. Not pictured: Greta Schaefer, Choices.

Third Grade - L to R - Chase Cunningham - Top Accelerated Reader; Montana Molden, Honesty; Amber Hausmann, Choices; Bennett Nienhaus, Effort and Peyton Rohloff, Responsibility.

Fourth grade, L to R - Kaleb Koehl, Choices, Jon Pieske, Responsibility, Danielle Hoberg, Effort and Tess Steiner, Top Accelerated Reader. Not pictured - Callie Koehl, Respect.

Fifth grade, L to R - Elena Schaefer, Choices; Jamie Schmidgall, Honesty, Alex Feuchtenberger, Efforts and Malini Schley, Caring. Not pictured: Sabrina Mattson, Respect, Courtney Timmerman, Responsiblity and Nick Benson, Top Accelerated Reader.

Sixth Grade (at right) - L to R - Max Feuchtenberger, Responsibility, Bryce Schmidgall, Effort, Eric Vasek, CAring, Alexis Steege, Caring and Morgan Nelson, Choices.