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Looking Back

10 Years Ago Items from the Tribune Nov. 11, 1999

The 80th anniversary of the Department of the Minnesota American Legion Auxiliary was celebrated locally by the Auxiliary to Walter Tripp Post #29. A special cake was prepared for the occasion and presented by Marge Beyer, auxiliary president, and Darlene Olen, secretary. Gerry Barber read some historical background for those present. Walter Tripp Unit #29 was chartered in 1921-23 with Kate Tripp serving the first two years a president. She also served in 1929-1930.

An open house was held Thursday marking the 30 year anniversary of the Developmental Achievement Center. Emmy Kvatum, Executive Director of the DAC, was presented with a plaque recognizing "30 Years of Distinguished Service to People with Developmental Disabilities." Presenting the plaque was Jerry Mueller, executive director of the Minnesota Developmental Achievement Center Association.

The Morris Public Library, which underwent major remodeling this summer, is now due for an upgrade in its automated catalog and circulation system. The upgrade is set for the week of Nov. 15-19. The library will maintain normal hours during the upgrade but procedures normally done with the automated system will have to be done manually.

25 Years Ago Items taken from the Tribune of Nov. 8, 1984

Grace Staebler became the first woman ever to be elected to the Stevens County Board of Commissioners, winning by a 29 vote margin in Tuesday's election. Unofficial returns showed Staebler defeating veteran District Four Commissioner E. L. (Ted ) Dosdall 581 to 552. In contests where the total vote is between 500 and 2000 there is an automatic recount if the margin of victory is 20 votes or less. But with the 29 vote margin there will be a recount only if Dosdall requests one.

The Stevens County Commissioners will have a special meeting next Monday with the Hospital Board of Trustees to discuss restructuring of the Hospital and leasing it to Life Span. They will also meet with the County Attorney today to discuss terms of the contract.

50 Years Ago Items taken from the Tribune of Nov. 20, 1959

The Public is invited to attend the dedication of the new administration building and auditorium, Edson Hall, on the campus of the West Central School and Station at Morris. Harold Macy, Dean of the Institute of Agriculture, University of Minnesota, will be the principal speaker. The ceremony will take place on Wednesday, November 25. Parents' Day at the Station will begin with the dedication ceremony in the morning and continue in the afternoon.

Plans for an area-wide fund drive, covering most of six counties to help set up freshman liberal arts college courses on the West Central School camps in the fall of 1960 were laid out at a meeting of West Central Educational Development Association (WCEDA) leaders from several counties at the Del Monico Café on Wednesday noon. Goal of the fund drive is $100,000. More than $42,300 have already been collected in the intensive campaign that has been conducted the past 10 days in the Morris area. The reason for the fund drive is simple but dire - the legislature last spring did not appropriate money for a college at Morris.

Earl W. Eames, well known in Morris business circles for many years, has become associated with Morris Realty, Inc., it was announced this week by R. B. O'Neill. Morris Realty was formerly known as the O'Neill Insurance Agency.

90 Years Ago Items taken from the Tribune of Nov. 21, 1919

As a result of the increased enthusiasm in bowling which has been manifested here during the last few weeks, a bowling league comprised of from four to six clubs will organize in the near future.

Co. K and the City Team had a struggle for the laurels on Tuesday evening. The Co. K Athletic Club met in the high school gymnasium for the first time on Friday of last week. There was a large turn-out, and boxing and basket ball were on the boards for the evening.

A committee of the Walter Tripp Post of the American Legion went to Alberta on Wednesday evening and conferred with those in charge of a meeting scheduled at which ex-Mayor Van Lear of Minneapolis was to speak. As a result of the conference Van Lear will not speak. The American Legion is not a political organization and has no concern with whatever meetings the members of any party may hold or what speakers they may bring here, but it does object to Van Lear and others with an anti-war record addressing a meeting in Stevens County.