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District Court

Morris Police

Lovina Mae Slinde, Morris, 7/25/09; dog at large, $95.

Ida Maria Forsberg, Herman, 9/3/09; control signals-yellow indication, $135.

Yuriy Osin, Morris, 5/2/09; DWI, $835; driving without valid license, dismissed.

Christopher Michael Wait, Morris, 6/19/09; underage liquor consumtion, $185.

Kyle Gerald Bruns, Evansville, 8/24/09; underage consumption, $185.

Tyler Lee Dreher, Browerville, 10/9/09; seat belt, $110.

Jacob Rolland Kelly, Golden Valley, 8/24/09; underage consumption, $185.

Michael Patrick McBride, Forest Lake, 9/23/09; violation of motorcycle instruction permit - drive at night, $135.

Brian Keith Moses, Morris, 10/10/09; seat belt, $110.

Zachary John Ranallo, Elk River, 9/17/09; failure to stop at stop sign or stop lines, $135.

Benjamin Jacob Schield, Two Harbors, 10/11/09; failure to stop at stop sign or stop lines, $135.

Alexcis Videgaray Antana, Morris, 9/22/09; uninsured vehicle, $385; driving without a valid license, $385.

Joseph Daniel Feely, Farmington, 8/24/09; underage consumption, $185.


County Sheriff

Dylan Cody Clemens, Morris, 7/7/09; possession of drug paraphernalia-use or possession, $135.

Corey David Forbord, Benson, 7/30/09; driver must carry proof of insurance, dismissed.

Rachel Catherine Patterson, Coon Rapids, 8/26/09; speeding, $125.

Jared Jeffrey Harstad, Donnelly, 6/8/09; DWI, $960; underage drinking and driving, dismissed; underage consumption, dismissed.

John Pasquale Rotella, Ogema, 4/2/09; receiving stolen property, 45 days jail, $835.

Beth Ann Schleif, Becker, 9/27/09; speeding, $125.

Gregory Francis Boehmer Jr., St. Paul, 1/31/09; 5th degree drug possession, 30 days jail, 5 yrs. probation, $585.

Khamphay Syhananthalath, Warroad, 9/20/09; speeding, $125.

MN State Patrol

Tracy Lee Ekola, Melrose, 9/12/09; speeding, $145.

Jasmine Lee Maki, Becker, 9/4/09; speeding, $145.

Ezra J. Slabaugh, Starbuck, 8/24/09; window restrictions, tint too dark, $135.

Chris Lee Helmbrecht, Deer Creek, 9/3/09; speeding, $145.

Michael Loren Veire, St. Michael, 9/5/09; speeding, $125.

Keith Lawrence Thompson, Minneapolis, 10/5/09, speeding, $145.

Danny Richard Weber, St. Paul, 9/12/09, speeding, $145.

UMM Police

Kevin John Deboer, Marshall, 5/13/09; parking in prohibited area, $44.

MN Dept. of Natural Resources

Nathan Paul Vanhatten, Blaine, 9/5/09; migratory game birds, violate federal regulations, $135.

Morris City Attorney

Marc Wolff, Morris, 6/15/09; issue dishonored check, 90 days jail, $135.

Janet Kleindl, Graceville; 6/23/09; issue dishonored check, $165.