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Firefighters continue to work at landfill

NEW LONDON -- Firefighters are continuing to work at the Kandiyohi County landfill to extinguish the smoldering fire in the demolition area.

Fire crews were called back to the landfill around 8:30 a.m. Wednesday after fire was observed on the side wall of the area excavated over the weekend, according to Jeff Bredberg, director of Kandiyohi County environmental services.

Crews from area fire departments are continuing to spray water on the debris as it is excavated and spread out, he said. The departments are trucking in water from New London.

It is expected that the firefighters will continue the work on Friday, Bredberg said. The demolition area of the landfill has been closed, so anyone seeking to bring materials to that area is urged to contact the landfill or listen for updates on local radio.

The other areas of the landfill are open today, Bredberg said.