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St. Mary's Samplings

Kindergarten: On Wednesday we started our day with "Daddy and Doughnuts." The Daddy's read some of our favorite books to us while we ate doughnuts! Thanks dads! We celebrated grandparents/special friends day on Friday.

Grade 1: We are working on addition problems in math, and words with the short "i" and the "ck" ending in reading. In religion, we are studying the Trinity. Our new social unit is on the many different places people live.

Grade 2: We have been working with the "at" and "ate" phonograms in reading. In math we are relating addition and subtraction to Fact Families. We were happy so many of our grandparents and special friends could visit our school on Friday!

Grade 3: In math we are adding more than two numbers and have to remember to write our numbers neatly and in the correct position. We made "Guess Who I Am" folders to display for Grandparents and Special Friends Day.

Grade 4: We have been adding sums to the ten thousands place and estimating the sums in math class. It was fun to have our grandparents, friends and family in for Grandparents Day. We are hoping to receive mail soon from our Flat Stanley project.

Grade 5: The fifth graders are working on multiplying numbers with decimals in math. The kids were excited to start band. We had a great time visiting and performing for our Grandparent's and Special Friends. We appreciate them all so much!

Grade 6: In science, we are doing research on ants and creating a PowerPoint presentation. In art, we are learning about colors. We made a color wheel using the three primary colors and mixing to them to create other colors.