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Hancock Students rehearse for fall play

By Maggie Hacker and Chelsea Anderson

The Hancock fall play, '65 Mustang, will be performed on Friday, Nov. 13, at 7 p.m., and then again on Saturday, Nov. 14, at 2 p.m. It is a free will donation.

The play is set around a 1965 Mustang and takes place during five different decades. Audiences will meet a variety of hilarious characters. The play starts off with a snooty girl who receives the car as a sweet sixteen gift and ends with an old man getting the car as the best gift of his life.

The cast consists of Bethany Jensen, Heidi Cramlet, Elizabeth Huebner, Annie Huebner, Joey Stodolski, Maggie Hacker, Andrew Steiner, Bree Holleman, Jerrid Jepma, Levi Carter, James Newhouse, Samantha Schmidgall, Evan Nelson, Rosendo Lopez, Blake Swenson, Emily Cunningham, Leah Steiner, and Maverick Wolf as the voice of the radio announcer.

Senior Heidi Cramlet was asked why she's been involved with the play since her seventh grade year. "I joined the play because it gives people a chance to be someone they are not." She has not only acted in past years, but has been on the crew and the crew manager as well. Her favorite memory was in the 2008 play of Rapunzel Uncut when she played the pregnant mother of Rapunzel.

Director Nicole Schmidt is excited to have all the people she had in last year's fall play back for another go round. She is also very happy to get some new faces on stage. "I'm very excited that Evan Nelson, Rosendo Lopez, and Leah Steiner are joining the play this year!" Schmidt has also stated that she's very thankful to her student director Maggie Hacker, who puts in lots of extra time with the play, and to all the family and friends that help to get actors to school early for rehearsals.