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Hancock Looking Back 10-22-09


(Taken from the Thursday, October 21, 1999 issue of the Hancock Record.)

A fundraising campaign has been started for the Chad and Sharon Lozinski family of Hancock. Chad and Sharon recently learned that their unborn son has Spina Bifada. With this news they were also told of a new procedure that has been done on only 61 infants. Chad and Sharon decided that their son will be the 62nd. The procedure will be to surgically remove the baby and repair the lesion in his back. The baby will then be returned to the womb for the remainder of the term. Sharon will be confined to bed rest until the end of her pregnancy. The baby's due date is at the end of February.

University of Minnesota President Mark Yudof visited the area last week. Yudof spoke to a large group of people at the Prairie Inn in Morris. During the luncheon he commented on the progress being made at the Morris campus. Specifically he highlighted the new Regional Fitness Center and Science building.


(Taken from the Thursday, October 27, 1994 issue of the Hancock Record.)

Three separate accidents have caused injury to three Hancock area men in the past few weeks. Two of the men are now recovering at home and one remains hospitalized in the Trauma Unit of Hennepin County Medical Center.

The first of the three incidents happened on Oct. 6 when Harvey Joos was working in rural Hancock. The ladder he was on slipped and he fell, causing fractures in the hip area. Two weeks later, an accident occurred in a field about four miles south of Hancock along County Road 1. Kurt Wulf, son of Dennis and Judy Wulf, was accidently caught between the front wheel assist and rock box of a four wheel drive tractor. His chest was pinched between the parts. He was released from the hospital that evening. On Monday, Oct. 24, a cave-in of a trench north of Hancock caused multiple injuries to Don Jepma of Hancock. Jepma was caught in the cave-in while working in the trench. As of press time it was stated that he had multiple fractures in the shoulder, ribs and pelvic areas and some internal bleeding. He is at Hennepin County Medical Center.


(Taken from the Thursday, October 23, 1969 issue of the Hancock Record.)

An enrollment of 1510 regular day time students has been officially recorded on the Morris campus of the University of Minnesota, it was reported today. The 1969 Fall quarter figure reflects a nineteen percent increase over the 1968-1969 enrollment figure or an increase of 246 students.

A lifetime resident of Hancock, Miss Eva Blackmun, 82, passed away at her home in this village on Friday morning. Although in poor health for several years, her death was unexpected as she had been ill for just one day before her passing.


(Taken from the Friday, October 26, 1934 issue of the Hancock Record.)

That a young child of Mr. and Mrs. Jake VandenBurg is alive today is not far short of a miracle. Driving home from town Monday forenoon, going up the slight rise in the road going west from the sand pit at the lake towards the cemetery, Mrs. VandenBurg momentarily lost control of the car. It went in the ditch, started to climb the bank, then as she straightened the car out it turned over on the side but fortunately did not roll over. In the car with her were a small child in her lap as she drove and two other little ones. In some way one of the children fell out of the door or the window and was caught under the side of the car. Very luckily the fenders were not crushed down flat and a very slight dip in the road just at the point where the child's head was resting held the car from crushing its skull.


(Taken from the Friday, October 22, 1909 issue of the Hancock Record.)

Olof Olson, brother of John Olson of this place has put in a claim against the village for $75 damages. Last Sunday evening he started for Selland's residence and when at the school house stepped on a loose plank tripping him. He was thrown to the ground and his right hand was torn on a projecting nail head in the sidewalk. He is a grain buyer, temporarily out of a position, and had been receiving $65 per month and as he claims he will be laid up at least a month and his doctor bill will come to $10 at the least he thinks that the village should reimburse him for the lost time and the doctor's services. It was quite dark at the time he was hurt and received his fall.