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St. Mary's Samplings

Kindergarten: Short week but it was packed with activity! We enjoyed our All School Fall Trip to Watertown S.D. where we visited the Terry Redlin Art Center and the Bramble Zoo. Our trip to SWELL got postponed again to Oct. 22.

Grade 1: We enjoyed our all school trip to Watertown, S.D. We went to the Terry Redlin Art Center. The pictures he drew of Bugs Bunny when he was 6 years old where unbelievable. We're getting ready for our Grandparent's Day program on Oct. 23.

Grade 2: In math we are using doubles to subtract and in reading we are talking about the parts of a sentence. We are having fun with finding errors in sentences in Daily Oral Language. Our trip to the Redlin Art Center was awesome!

Grade 3: We are continuing our math work with adding, and we are finding subjects and predicates in sentences. We enjoyed our time at the Bramble Zoo in Watertown. In our "Animal Encounters" class we touched the African toad, hedgehog, and chinchilla.

Grade 4: We had a wonderful day at the Bramble Zoo and at the Terry Redlin Museum. For art, we started a pencil drawing of a cartoon character or an animal in the wild, like Terry Redlin's drawing of Bugs Bunny when he was six years old.

Grade 5: The fifth graders had a wonderful time on the all-school field trip. In class we have been working on multiplying whole numbers and decimals. We just finished a unit in our reading book, so we get to start a new novel next week.

Grade 6: We watched a video about Guatemala to learn more about where our "new students" live. Unlike the others in the classroom, Elias and Pepe were very excited to see the recent snow! In math, we are dividing numbers that contain decimals.

Upcoming Events

Oct. 20-SMART Board Open House

Oct. 23-Grandparents Day

Oct. 24 & 25-Rummage Sale

Oct. 25-Pancake Breakfast