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Bits & Pieces - October 15

In the mail today was a publication put out by Clark's Drug Store in Benson. It has many different and very interesting articles, but the thing that I found very interesting was all of the observances in the month of Oct..

For instance, did you know or remember that the first space satellite was launched on Oct. 4, 1957? Ten years later the "Outer Space Treaty" was signed on Oct. 10, 1967. World Space Week is celebrated in more than 50 countries and when possible even in space. This year the theme is "Space for Education". It is led by an all volunteer Board of Directors to include Tom Hanks, Buzz Aldrin, Bill Nye and space leaders from around the world. I didn't know that.

Then of course, there is Columbus Day, which is now being debated, as his claim to have discovered America. He did discover an unknown country which did have inhabitants though.

And did you know the "Dick Tracy" comic strip premiered on Oct. 4, 1931. The strip was created by cartoonist Chester Gould and the strip ran in newspapers until 1977.

Others include the birthday of Groucho Marx, Oct. 2, 1890. Did you know, when asked when television first came into being, he was reported to have said, shut it off and go read a book.

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, National Book Month, Chiropractic Month, Dental Hygiene Month, Pastor Appreciation Month, National Pizza Month, Seafood Month, Country Music Month, National Magic Week, National Retired & Senior Volunteer Month and National Popcorn Poppin' Month. Whew!

Not to mention, here in our great state of Minnesota, it is MEA, and the most appreciated at our household, the opening of waterfowl hunting, as well as pheasant hunting, deer and turkey hunting.

And of course the World Series is played in October, and almost everyone in Minnesota were Twins fans this past week.

So, according to the words in the song sung by the Statler Brothers; "don't tell me I've nothing to do"

Have a good day!