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St. Mary's Samplings

Kindergarten: We finished "C" week, we read many books that go with C. Our trip to SWELL was postponed again due to weather. We also got to meet some cool firemen and tour the fire station--they even came to our school to eat lunch with us!

Grade 1: The firemen talked to us about fire safety and fire drills. In science we are learning about plants and flowers. Our reading story used photographs to show us the activities ants do in and around an anthill.

Grade 2: We really enjoyed starting Spanish with Mrs. St. Aubin on Monday. We reviewed and learned about telling time in Spanish. We are adding with doubles and making tens to add 7, 8, or 9 in math. We had Twins day on Tuesday!

Grade 3: In math, we are discussing adding patterns, regrouping, and estimation. We appreciated the Morris Firemen's presentation on fire safety. We celebrated Jennifer Solvie's summer birthday.

Grade 4: This week we sent off our Flat Stanley envelopes. In math class, we are adding and subtracting large numbers. It was fun to begin Spanish class this week. We reviewed some Spanish words and practiced them.

Grade 5: We have been learning how to pray the Rosary in religion class. This week we have been learning about the different properties of multiplication. We enjoyed meeting our new Spanish teacher Mrs. St. Aubin on Tuesday.

Grade 6: During religion, we have been studying the Old and New Testaments. We are learning the books of each as well as practicing to look up Bible versus. On Thursday we took a field trip to SWELL to learn about ants.

Upcoming Events

Oct. 15-16 -- No school

Oct. 20 -- SMART Board Open House: All are welcome!

Oct. 23 -- Grandparents Day