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The Bookfair was in town

Maggie Hacker reading a book at the book fair.

By Brandon Sanders and Rosendo Lopez.

The bookfair is an opportunity for not only the youth of Hancock Public School but also the upper classes to buy books and other materials. You can look and buy from an assorted selection of books, posters, educational video games, pencils, erasers, highlighters, calculators and many other items.

The bookfair was open to the students before, and after school, as well as during lunch period. It is put on by Scholastics, and is helped run by volunteer parents. The bookfair is set up yearly, and is to promote good reading habits for the students. The profits of the bookfair go to buying more books for Hancock School classrooms.

Mrs. Stevenson, the head supervisor of the bookfair, stated that she has helped run the bookfair since 1983. She said the best part of the bookfair is opening the boxes to see what you received this year. "It's always a surprise." She also went on to say that the worst part of the book fair is all the extras, like the pencils and erasers that are being sold. Another thing Mrs. Stevenson said was that every year the selection of books gets bigger and the variety gets wider.

The bookfair is a good thing for all of the children who attend Hancock Public School.