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Have you ever noticed how a shared interest in books can really start a conversation? There was a woman in the dental office last week waiting for her appointment, which was delayed by an emergency before her. I said "you should have brought your book along" and then we proceeded to each talk about books we were reading or had read and the time then passed very quickly. In airports or on planes I always look at what everyone is reading. It seems everyone on a plane has a book, and many times have asked a person if they like the book. Always for reference purposes of course. So, if you are ever in need of a conversation starter ask someone what they've read lately, or even if you don't read(?), carry around the latest best seller or some old obscure book, someone is sure to ask you about it.

We have the new Weight Watcher cookbook "Comfort Classics". The recipes just look so good. I laughed when I read Jan's article a couple of weeks ago about weight loss. In high school I guess I was average weight, although on meeting an old high school mate a few years ago I asked if he remembered me and he said "Oh yes, you were the cheerleader with the fat legs" so maybe not. Because I have always loved to eat, my mother was worried and gave me a bathroom scale for a wedding shower present. She was diabetic and didn't want me to have those problems. I then went through my "skinny years" and then a few years ago when my hip got bad and I wasn't able to exercise, pounds came on much more quickly. After the hip surgery I was again able to exercise but did join Weight Watchers, which I still attend. Whether you are a Weight Watcher or not this book has great recipes and a little healthier eating would probably not hurt any of us.

See ya at the Library!