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Hancock News week of Oct. 1

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Members of the Cunningham family who attended the funeral for Muriel Swanson of Renville were (Tom and Margaret Cunningham, John and Jody Cunningham, Paul and Laurie Cunningham of Fergus Falls, and Ruth and Brian Meyer of Brandon S.D.). Muriel is Peg Cunningham's mother.

Shawn and Chase Cunningham spent time with Margaret Cunningham during Muriel Swanson's illness, and got lots of TLC.

David Dosdall was here from Texas and spent afternoon coffee time with Genevieve Dosdall. He comes up here every year to help cut silage.

Guests for the week at the Audrey and Ken Evink home were Audrey's sister and her husband, Richard and Ann Meyer from Holland Mich. They are spending the week visiting relatives in the area.

Elaine Jacobson attended the birthday party of Edna Dohmstrich, she is 100 yrs. young! The celebration was held in Cyrus where she has lived her entire one hundred years. Cindy Devet, who drove Elaine to the party, and Jack and Sandy Burns who also attended the party spent Saturday evening at Elaine's. Tami Ascheman spent Sunday afternoon at Elaine's and Elaine was a Sunday night supper guest at the home of Harvey and Mary Flaten.

Ron and Betty Ulferts from Raymond, sister and brother-in-law of Loraye and James Backer spent Sunday afternoon and evening visiting and celebrating. It was James and Loraye's 40th wedding anniversary, and Betty's birthday. They all had dinner at Buddies and were joined also by their neighbor Joan Jipson. Go Vikings!

Janet Malo and the entire First Congregational Church congregation went to Graceville this past Sunday to spend the day with former member Vera Jensen. Also attending were sisters-in-law Issy Foss and Irene Jensen. Lila Wink a former member now of Morris also attended. They do this every year, what a wonderful congregation.

Upon reading about seventy five years ago news I saw the Geo Quast bldg. had a fire. This got our interest and we checked out our Quast family genealogy book. We found that Geo. Quast was Jim's great uncle. He had a grocery store which he ran until his death. He had died walking to church on Christmas Day with his wife Angie. If anyone knows which building it was that he had please let us know. Seems like we have more relatives around here than we knew about. Jim bought a sprayer from Don Asche and when he said he had come from Raymond we found out we were related to him through Jim's great Aunt Minnie Ulferts who is his grandfather's sister. Small world!