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Hancock Bits and Pieces

The old saying is "clothes make the person". I wonder if that is still true, considering the way people dress anymore, it is more casual and many times more sloppy. While it is more comfortable, I'm sure, I still like to see people get dressed up, especially for weddings and funerals. Somehow, seeing someone in a skimpy top and blue jeans with holes in them doesn't seem appropriate for a funeral. I have been told, maybe that is all that they had to wear. I'm sorry there are two second hand stores and the Salvation Army in Morris, for a few dollars, something more appropriate can be purchased.

But my point today is how people think they look in clothes. Recently in a conversation, someone said they didn't wear shorts because they had varicose veins and someone said their legs were too fat. I can relate to that, every time I wear a dress, I think of Clydesdale Horses, because I think I have heavy legs. But it doesn't stop me from wearing shorts when the weather is hot. I'd rather be cool (temperature wise that is). I do wish people would look at themselves in the mirror though, because honestly, to the eyes of the beholder, they do leave something to be considered, like showing off cleavage, please don't! Just in case your wondering, you have nothing new!!

Another thing about people watching, have you noticed how some people resemble animals. You know they say people resemble their dogs. I guess I haven't paid a lot of attention to that, but I remember when I was a little girl, I had an uncle who reminded me of an ostrich. I swear his neck was at least 18" long and he had a face that was flat on top and came to an oval at his chin. And he had buggy eyes. To my aunt he must have been handsome and they did have very attractive kids, of course, my aunt, my mother's sister was an attractive women. Go figure!

Have a good day!