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10 Years Ago

Items from the

Tribune of Sept. 23, 1999

With the end of an $18.4 million project nearly in sight, the Morris ethanol plant wants members of the public to see what has been done. An open house for the Diversified Energy Company, LLC (DENCO) ethanol plant is scheduled for this Saturday afternoon. The Denco plant will use some of the newest technology in the ethanol businesses.

The levy for the Morris Area School District is expected to increase by 2.56 percent for taxes payable in 2000. At Monday's meeting of the Morris Area School Board, the Board certified the proposed levy presented by Superintendent Les Norman. That levy will see the District levying at its state mandated limit of $1,990,321. The proposed levy does not become the actual levy until after the District holds its Truth in Taxation hearing.

25 Years Ago

Items taken from the Tribune Sept. 20, 1984

Morris will soon be subject to a very nice kind of "invasion." More than 450 college freshmen from all over Minnesota, from South Dakota, and from many other states and even foreign countries will soon take up residence as new Morris citizens. Beginning this Friday, University of Minnesota, Morris freshmen will arrive on campus to participate in three days of intensive orientation before their sophomore, junior, and senior classmates join them on Sunday. Classes begin for all students on Monday.

The Baby Picture Contest sponsored by the Morris Jaycee Women ended Monday. It was a successful event thanks to all who participated. The winners are as follows: 1st place, Christine Johnson; 2nd place, Jon Weis; and 3rd place, Elisa Ettesvold. Winners are asked to pick up their child's prizes at the Morris State Bank.

Morris attorney Robert Dalager had a memorable day of golfing on Sept. 15. On that day he achieved his first-ever hole-in-one at the Pomme de Terre Golf Course. No fewer than six witnesses were on hand to confirm the feat. The ball bounced about 15 feet in front of the pin, took two bounces and then rolled in like a putt. Dalager wished to thank a pair of fellow golfers, who themselves have recorded holes-in-one this summer. One is Dr. Jack Watzke, the supplier of Dalager's contact lenses (so he can see to shoot straight); and the other is barber Dave Evenson, who cuts Dalager's hair in a way that promotes healthy eyesight also!

50 Years Ago

Items taken from the

Tribune of Oct. 2, 1959

Delores Holdgrafer, Morris High School senior, was crowned 1959 Homecoming Queen at the Coronation ceremonies on Thursday afternoon and will reign over the annual homecoming activities today. Named as attendants to the queen were Marilyn Dahl of the junior class and Kathy Murphy of the sophomore class.

The Merchants Hotel in Morris was sold this week by Edwin L. Carlson and Frank A. Heslekrants to the Mayfair Real Estate Company of Minneapolis, a firm which has a number of income properties, including a number of other hotels, in Minnesota and North Dakota. Mr. Carlson and Mr. Heslekrants, who came to Morris from St. James, purchased the hotel last spring from Jack Laimer, member of a family which had operated the hotel since 1945. One of the better known hotels in western Minnesota, the Merchants was owned and operated for many years by the Dushek family, which still owns the building.

The Morris public schools have growing pains again, Supt. Oscar Miller told members of the Kiwanis Club at their dinner meeting Monday night. Noting that enrollment in the schools has nearly doubled in the past 10 years, Supt. Miller told of some of the problems this is bringing to the fore, and of plans for the proposed consolidation of the Morris High School area.

90 Years Ago

Items taken from the Tribune of Oct. 2, 1919

The work on the Atlantic Avenue paving progressed rapidly during the last few days until halted for a while yesterday by the rain. As the large paving machines with which the cement is mixed and the paving smoothed moved into the business section of the city it attracted large crowds of spectators and at most every hour of the day the sidewalks on both sides are lined with residents of the city or visitors who are watching the operation. When the machine is not held up for any part of a working day it moves nearly 400 feet and many have expressed amazement at the speed with which the paving is laid.

Beginning tonight, Company K will hold a second drill each week until all the time is made up that was lost during the absence of the officers at camp, the readjustment period following the return from duty at Fergus Falls, and for the vacation that was granted during the rush of harvest and threshing. The attendance at drill Monday night was large, but from now on Captain Voss expects to have practically 100 per cent attendance at every drill.

The Stevens County annual fair came to a close last Friday after record crowds had been given a real treat for two days. As had been long anticipated the exhibits of the boys' and girls' clubs attracted much attention. Although almost everyone in the county has been following the rapid progress of this work closely for several months, there were many expressions of amazement at the fair over the things the young farmers had been able to accomplish. Many upon entering the fair grounds made their first inquiries for the time and place of the canning demonstrations that were given daily by the young folk.