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Osakis police involved in high-speed chase

A routine traffic stop led an Osakis police officer on a high-speed chase through Pope County.

While on his regular patrol September 17, Officer Calvin Uhl noticed a suspicious vehicle parked on the east end of Osakis near the Osakis Liquor Store.

He stopped to investigate and found two males and a female in a vehicle with Montana license plates. He identified the male driver and as Uhl returned to his squad the vehicle took off, heading south over Interstate 94.

Uhl pursued the suspect vehicle into southern Douglas County at speeds exceeding 100 miles per hour, according to Mark Gilson, Osakis police chief, who was on the phone monitoring the situation.

Uhl continued the chase down back roads of Pope County, traveling around the Westport and Villard areas.

The Osakis department coordinated with the Minnesota State Patrol and Pope County Sheriff's Department for back up.

Ultimately, Uhl chased the vehicle toward Highway 28 and lost it for a short time. It was soon located on Highway 28, traveling east into Glenwood at more than 100 miles an hour.

Glenwood Police officers had blocked off a street, according to Gilson. They used stop sticks, which blew two of the car tires, causing the driver to lose control. The driver then swerved into a residential yard, brushing past a woman standing on the lawn.

The vehicle did come to a stop with the driver taking off on foot.

At the time of the incident, a task force of 20 officers was training in Glenwood and joined in the search.

Gilson said the passengers were arrested, but they were unable to locate the driver - even with the aid of the K-9 unit - and called off the search.

At approximately 3 a.m. a suspicious man was reported in Glenwood walking around barefoot. The Glenwood Police Department responded, identified the man as the suspect and took him into custody.

The Fargo, North Dakota man is currently incarcerated and waiting for charges.

Gilson said he was wanted for outstanding warrants and faces charges for no valid license, reckless driving, driving after suspension and felony fleeing.

No one was seriously injured in the chase. He said the woman was lucky, enduring only a bruised hip and elbow.

Gilson expressed his appreciation to the Minnesota State Patrol, Pope County Sheriff's Office and the Glenwood Police Department for their support.