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Each year at Cyrus our students bike up to 10 miles to celebrate learning at CMST. They collect pledges from parents, grandparents, neighbors, relatives... anyone they can think of who might support their biking and educational efforts. Money that is collected is used to help off-set the cost of field trips that the students take throughout the year. To kick-off our bike-a-thon this year each of the students were asked to write about a special biking memory they may have. We hope as we share a few with you today, it will bring you back to some of those memorable moments that we've all had riding our bikes.

I was at my daycare and we were going to the RFC on our bikes on the side walk. I lost control and hit the end of the sidewalk. I flipped off my bike. I scraped my arm and hit my head really hard. Blood was dripping from my arm and I had a big bump on my head. My daycare put a Band-Aid on my arm and I stayed at my daycare for the rest of the day. - Alexander Perowitz (Grade 3)

Last year at the "Cyrus Hill" I was riding bike with no hands. I hit a bump and flipped my bike. I had a fat lip. My whole body was bleeding. My dad said, "get over it." - Josh Birr (Grade 4)

The bike-a-thon last year was really fun. I got to bike with my friends, Agnes, Alecia, and Shelby. Our group leader was Sue, Agnes' mom. We all did the ten mile dash. Every group turns around at the five miles. Before we do we have a snack like cookies and juice. On the way back there was a big hill. I walked my bike up most of it. I was the first in my group to make it back. When the rest of my group got back they told me that Alecia had rode into the ditch and they found a puppy with a collar on it. I can't wait for the next bike-a-thon. -Cassie VanEps (Grade 5)

One day, my friend Haley and I were going for a bike ride. Not knowing that her bike had sensitive breaks, I tried to stop and did a front flip over the handle bars. It hurt very bad but I was still laughing hard. I don't like her bike anymore. - Morgan Wolf (Grade 6)