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St. Mary's Samplings

Kindergarten: This week we worked with the letter A and learned to read the word "a" as in, Have a good day! We started our show n share and had almost 100 percent! Picture day went well as did our weekly trip to Legacy Living.

Grade 1: We had our first story in our reading book. Our sound of the week was the short a, and in grammar we were identifying complete sentences. We began the math unit on addition this week too. We are learning about rules and laws in social.

Grade 2: In math we continue to drill on our addition facts to 20 and have started to do subtraction. In reading we are working on our "ame" and "ake" phonograms. We are watching and waiting for our three monarch chrysalides to open and the adult butterflies to emerge!

Grade 3: We completed our Iowa Test of Basic Skills this week. In math we are working on rounding to tens, hundreds, and thousands and in science we are waiting for our monarch butterflies to emerge. We thank Doug Plank, American Legion and Eagles of Morris for making the trip possible!

Grade 4: We've had a very strenuous week with lots of testing for the Iowa Basics. In math class we are rounding numbers to the millions place. We have also been introduced to negative numbers.

Grade 5: The fifth graders have been diligently working on The Iowa Test of Basic Skills this week. We have been enjoying listening to our read aloud novel "There's a Boy in the Girls' Bathroom", by Louis Sachar. In math we are learning how to estimate both whole numbers and decimals.

Grade 6: This week we were busy taking the Iowa Test of Basic Skills. During spelling we practiced words with the "ei" and "ie" in them. We also began sharing current events. Our goal is to see if we can get news from each of the 50 states and all 87 Minnesota counties.

Upcoming Events

Oct. 1-Grade 1 to Nelson Pumpkin Farm

Oct. 1-Kindergarten to Swell