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Hancock Looking Back 9-24-09


(Taken from the Thursday, September 23, 1999 issue of the Hancock Record.)

The Royal Court for Homecoming 1999 included Dylan Reese, Andrew Steiner, Lauren Nelson, Sara Rajewsky, King Josh Sundheim, Queen Cristy Brewer, Dusty Schroeder, Christine Rooney, Ramsay Bohm, Kayla Joos, Brianna Burns, Ryan Larson, Corrine Hoffman, Ross Haugen, Antje-Mareen Suhling and Alex Messner.

The official ribbon cutting at the new Water Treatment Plant on Saturday was done by Mayor Ken Grunig. Others assisting were Public Works Director Vern Christie, Councilman Dennis Bye, City Clerk Jan Malo, Larry Van Hout, Jim Maras and Torrey Westrom. Tours of the water Treatment plant were conducted following the ribbon cutting.


(Taken from the Thursday, September 29, 1994 issue of the Hancock Record.)

Cory Nuest and Shannon Solvie walked around the gym during their Royal Walk to the applause of students, family and friends just after being crowned the 1994 Homecoming King and Queen.

Jeppe's Happy Hour will be holding a grand opening celebration this Saturday, Oct. 1. An entire day of activity is being planned including tournaments, entertainment, music and food.


(Taken from the Thursday, September 25, 1969 issue of the Hancock Record.)

Approximately 175 guests attended an open house at the First Congregational Church in Hancock in honor of the Golden Wedding Anniversary of Mr. and Mrs. Olaf Mork on Sunday, September 21. Olaf Mork and Myrtle Nelson were married on September 17, 1919. They have one son, Vincent Mork of Concord, California, four grandchildren, and two great grandchildren.

Coronation ceremonies for 1969 Homecoming will take place Thursday evening at eight o'clock in the school gym. There will be a program and then a pep fest and bonfire. Festivities on Friday begin with a parade at 1:30 from the school downtown through the business district. In the evening at 7:30 there will be a football game and then the traditional dance with music by Amusement Park.


(Taken from the Friday, September 28, 1934 issue of the Hancock Record.)

A fire alarm was turned in Wednesday at about three o'clock on account of a small blaze in the store room of the Quast store. Someone had started a fire in the stove in the store room apparently to burn up some junk, without noticing that a package or two of cotton batten was standing near the stove. It was a recent shipment that had been set inside the door and not put away for lack of time. The fire in the stove burned up a bit hotter than expected and the cotton batten was set on fire. The dense smoke gave quick warning and the blaze was caught before it had gotten a start.

Funeral services were conducted Tuesday at 2 o'clock from the Lutheran Free Church for Patricia Ann Stensby, the infant daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Stensby. The child passed away Sunday. Patricia Ann was born March 17, 1933 and had been ill about a week with the stomach flu, bronchial pneumonia and whooping cough.


(Taken from the Friday, September 24, 1909 issue of the Hancock Record.)

Pat McCarthy lost four stacks of wheat last Saturday. The engine set fire to the stacks just as the rig pulled into the setting and the engineer pulled the separator right through saving the rig which belonged to Albert Schliep.

A Missouri editor refuses to publish obituary notices of people, who while living, failed to subscribe for his paper, and gives this pointed reason: People who do not take their home paper are dead anyway and their passing away has no news value.