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Hancock School approved for Federal Stimulus funds

The Hancock School District received word last week that it is one of twelve school districts in the state to be approved for the Qualified School Construction Bond (QSCB) or what some term as 'stimulus' money. The district placed an application in June for $305,256 to be used to replace the steam boiler with a new hot water boiler, light fixtures and single pane windows.

In a letter from the Minnesota Department of Education, Hancock was notified of the approval for the funding. A total of twenty-six school districts and charter schools submitted applications totaling $253 million. A total of $75.85 million was approved to twelve schools including Hancock.

The schools approved are:

Norwood/Young America


Hastings $16,754,000

Park Rapids $4,669,880



Little Falls $7,111,704

Hibbing $7,500,000

Holdingford $2,375,000

Melrose $7,800,000

Hancock $ 305,256



Tri-County $2,000,000

Lake Park Audubon $1,854,160

These districts will use proceeds of the bonds for a variety of projects including boiler replacement, roof replacement, lighting replacement, heating and ventilation, and classroom upgrades. In Hancock the funds will be spent as follows:

Replace old steam boiler with new hot water boiler - estimated cost $261,500

Replace HID lights in two gymnasiums with energy efficient T8 fluorescent lights and fixtures - this project was completed this summer at a cost of $13,772

Replace lights in 7 classrooms with energy efficient T8 fluorescent lights and fixtures - estimated cost $7,284

Replace old single pane windows in twelve classrooms with energy efficient double pane windows - estimated cost $22,500

In a special meeting held Tuesday night the Hancock School Board approved a Resolution of Intent to Issue Capital Facility Bonds in the amount of $305,326 and also approved advertising for bids for a new hot water boiler. Once all the bond issuance requirements are met, a formal QSCB allocation will be received from the Minnesota Department of Education.