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Hancock Library News

New at the Library-World War II history buffs, Ken Burns fans, and anyone who's life was touched by the war will be awed by Burn's book THE WAR- AN INTIMATE HISTORY 1941-1945. It is a lavishly illustrated 470-page book with over 100 pictures. This visually appealing book documents the American side of World War II, and gives an idea of how and why America won but also a strong sense of what it felt like on the way to victory. We thank Howard Schmidgall for this wonderful new book.

What a wonderful weekend for football--the Owls on Friday night--a beautiful evening for food, friendship, and football. Then on Sat.-- watching the new TCF Bank stadium and the Gopher game. The stadium looks like a pretty amazing place. When my husband (well he wasn't my husband at that time) was a senior at the University of Minnesota-St Paul, we went to Homecoming at the old Memorial Stadium. I remember what fun it was- a beautiful fall day, walking down Fraternity Row with all the decorated houses, and the band playing. Lots of atmosphere. It would be fun to go back now sometime. Then of course on Sunday the Vikings with our new quarterback -we won!! I love football---maybe part of it is that nostalgic thing that the fall season brings. I can't say that I have always understood it all---way back when I was a football cheerleader for the Owls and we would chant "Push em back-way back" and "Hold that Line", and "First and 10 let's do it again"--I'm not sure that I even knew what I was talking about but now I am the bigger fan in our family. Some of the football books here at the library are "Play Football" by Tim Polze, "Touchdown! You can play Football" by Nick Farchal and others, so if there is not enough locally or on TV come to us for your football fix.

See ya at the Library!

P.S.... Brand New--Nicholas Sparks-"The Last Song"