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Bits & Pieces Hancock September 17

Friday, September 18 is a day set aside to honor our nation's POW/MIAs. The Ladies Auxiliary of the VFW Post 5039 of Morris will have an area set up in the City Center Mall in Morris Friday afternoon to honor the POW/MIAs starting at 2 p.m. They will be serving coffee and cookies and will have information available to read about the "POW/MIA Freedom Fighters". They will also have a copy of the book "Blood in our Boots" by Ed Haider and this will be given away at a drawing at the conclusion of the program. The following information is from Bulletin #2 of the Ladies Auxiliary to VFW, Department of Minnesota monthly General Orders.

The "POW/MIA Freedom Fighters" is a not for profit organization, run solely by volunteers. Their main goal is to bring all Americans home, alive or dead, from where ever they may be held, or lay lost.

There are now 1,740 US personnel listed by the Defense POW/MIA Office as missing or unaccounted for from Vietnam.

Our goal is....To ensure that the public will NEVER forget the sacrifices of the American soldiers who have defended our freedom, to remember America's responsibility to support those who served our nation, and to do everything possible to bring these POW/MIAs home, alive or dead.

National POW/MIA Remembrance Ceremonies are held on the third Friday of September, each year, throughout the nation and around the world on military installations, ships at sea, state capitols, at schools, churches and national veterans and civic organizations.

The program is open to the public. Remember the POW/MIAs. YOU ARE NOT FORGOTTEN!