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UPDATE: Erin still awaits transplant

Erin Tanner, the former Morris girl waiting for a liver transplant, is fighting an infection and will be in a California hospital for about two weeks.

According to Erin's mother, Amber, the girl developed cholangitis, which is caused by a bacterial infection in the bile ducts.

Erin is at the UCLA Medical Center. The family moved to California earlier this summer.

Erin is sleeping a lot and not eating well, her mother stated in a recent email.

Erin, 9, was born with a rare liver disease called biliary atresia (See a May 16, 2009 Sun Tribune story about Erin's battle against the disease).

Anyone wishing to send cards or letters can address them to:


Patient Erin Tanner

3rd Floor Room 5343

Bed A

757 Westwood Plaza

Los Angeles, CA 90095