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Swan Lake

Let us now enjoy the last days of summer, as fall is soon to arrive. In spite of our small amount of rainfall, the crops look good. The wheat crop did well, so I was told.

We will miss Roy Jesness who passed away last week. We shall all remember him as being joyful and happy each time we saw him and his wife, Ruth. What wonderful neighbors they were.

Nora Mickelson visited several of her grandchildren last week.

About a week ago I was blessed to see my great-grandson, Paul and aunt Dorothy Davis.

Swan Lake

Let's be joyful of the beautiful days of summer left. We see the waves splash as fast moving boats go by on nearby Swan Lake. The flowers have bloomed so long with such beautiful colors. I am so grateful for each glorious day of sunshine and rain to help the crops.

School has begun as we proudly send them off to school in their best new clothes.

Amanda Dohlen has spent a short time visiting friends in northern Minnesota. She is now feeling well again.

So now as we say goodbye to summer and see the leaves begin to fall. Let us now start enjoying winter and all of the fun we can have again.

Ashley Dohlen has arrived home from her mission trip to Austria. We are waiting to see all of those beautiful sights of summer there as she will show us her pictures of all.

Peter & Joyce Brandt spent last week with all of their children and grandchildren.

The Stevens County 4-H Club members brought in so many beautiful things with prizes. Also all the other exhibits were really fabulous. We now are looking forward to another year of fairs.