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Bits & Pieces -- 9-10-09

I was looking for something in my cupboards the other day and found an opened box of the 10-day Hoodia Diet. It is a dietary supplement, fast-acting and guaranteed to lose weight in 10 days. Of course, I had to buy it. The box contains 30 liquid soft-gels packaged in 3 packs with 10 pills in a pack. I finished one pack, ten days, right? Ha, no weight lost, so in the cupboard they went forgotten until now. I have been trying to lose weight after two failures with Tops and Weight-Watchers. I mean, I lost the weight, but it found me again.

This summer my goal was to lose weight and exercise. I did ride my bike three or four times. Let's see, that averages about once a month, way to go. Then I planned on eating fresh garden stuff, which I have, but you need to eat them with salt, sugar, hamburgers, and other good foods, so not much happened there.

I was tempted to order the Body Slimming Compression Suit for only $18.95. I wouldn't lose weight, but I would look great in my clothes. It is made out of nylon/spandex blend. But I'm thinking on hot days that I would never get it on because I sweat so much, plus it would make you even warmer and then to get the darn thing off, so I scratched that idea.

My weight only bothers me when I look in the mirror and want to dress up nice. Otherwise I just let it all hang out.

Maybe I should look on the Internet for circus mirrors and order the one that makes you look taller and thinner. At least I could live with the illusion of being thin and not have to bother with the discipline.

Oh well, grandkids like fat, happy grandmas anyway!

Have a good day!