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Talking it Over - 9-10-09

My husband and I, along with some family and friends, are making plans for a vacation. We have been anticipating it and planning for so long and the week is finally here. However, as I sit at my desk or in my home I think about all the things that have to be done before-hand and I wonder 'Why take a vacation?'

Before I leave work today (I am writing this on Friday), I need to have this week's issue of the paper nearly complete. Joyce will be adding any last minute items that come in on Tuesday. However, it means a great deal of planning ahead. I have written an article for next week, planned for a great feature photo and now I am working on my columns. Needless to say, the stress level is just a bit higher.

Then when I go home there is laundry, gardening and packing to be done. When I get that all set, I hope to do a little cleaning as it is always so nice to come home to a clean house.

Tomorrow morning we will be packing up and heading north for some relaxing time at the lake. Once there we will spend a few hours unpacking, putting stuff away and preparing for our first meal at the cabin. It seems like a lot of work but once this is all done the relaxation will start.

For a few days there will be no mail. No phone calls (unless the cell phone rings). No meetings to attend, no deadlines to meet and no sales to make. I don't want to sound like I am complaining about those things but sometimes you just need a break from it all.

Hopefully my goal of relaxing and having fun will be fulfilled and I can return next week refreshed, restored and probably thoroughly exhausted. Vacations don't always mean you sleep good, eat right or remain on a regular schedule. Now what would be the fun in that?