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Cyrus Area News


Ginny Hagen from Glenwood visited Sunday afternoon with Edna Dohmstreich.

Communion services were held Sunday at the Trinity Church in Cyrus and many were in attendance.

Many from the Cyrus area have called on former Cyrus residents who are presently in the Minnewaska Home in Starbuck.

North Cyrus

Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Bright spent the weekend with Janelle in honor of her 50th birthday. Others present for her party were Bonnie and Mary Bright and Peggy Leich.

The weather was so great that many tell me they worked outside with flowers and gardening.

Swan Lake

What a beautiful day this Monday morning. The trees and grass look so fresh after our rain earlier. My daughter, Sharon, has the most beautiful flowers blooming with the help of her grandchildren.

My grandchildren took many prizes at the Stevens County Fair. They told me all the exhibits were beautiful and so many prizes on all, in 4-H as well as the open classes.

How I wish I could have been able to see them all. Maybe next time the fair comes I'll be able to go.

Beth Zinda is presently visiting with Renee Helberg while her husband is bear hunting in Montana.

Mrs. Barry Gades was a supper guest of Lori Nestor in Glenwood on Friday. Other guests at the Nestor home were Mr. and Mrs. Loren Gades and family and Lisa Bahdsand from Starbuck.

A surprise birthday party was held in honor of Amanda Dohlen on Aug. 19 by Sharon and Gary Dohlen at their home. Guests at the party were Agnes Kruize, Phyllis Bright, Vicky Edmunds, Nichole Dohlen, and Jacob and Krystal Dohlen. She received many cards, letters and phone calls, 20 roses, socks, lotions and a birthday cake.