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Let Della and Adair 'take you away'

Get away from it all - if even for a few hours. You can travel to all corners of the world and reflect on special times in your life by simply spending an evening with 'Della, Adair and friends' on September 3.

Della Conroy, Adair Horgen and several of what they call their "usual suspects" will be presenting a concert on September 3 at the Morris Area High School Auditorium. This will be the fifth annual program for the pair who donate all profits to the Prairie Renaissance Cultural Alliance in Morris, a non-profit organization dedicated to the promotion of the arts in this area.

For this years concert Della and Adair have picked 'Tours and Times of your life' for the theme. Through this they will be visiting in song places like New Orleans with the song 'Jambalaya', Warsaw with 'Concerto of Warsaw', Berlin with 'Liebesfreud' and Dublin with 'Irish Fantasy' along with a few other stops.

In the times of your life portion they will be performing 'Tomorrow', 'Yesterday', 'Summertime' and 'Autumn Nocturne". They will also have songs such as 'Strangers in the night', 'High Noon' and 'Some Enchanted Evening' that all refer to time.

Della explained that at last years concert Adair had stated it would be her last, however two days later she called and said "I have an idea for next year" and from then on the work began on this years program.

This work includes quite a bit for Adair who after selecting the songs, re-composes them to accommodate the different voices and instruments. For example some of the songs are arranged so they can be played by both a piano and clarinet or piano and accordion with vocals worked in. Adair has also redone a few songs to be played on two pianos with eight hands which requires a lot of unique musical composition.

In all Adair has re-composed eleven of the 22 songs that will be performed at the concert. She enjoys this work and shares it willingly with those who participate in the program. It was made an even bigger challenge this year as Adair lost her husband last fall and it took her some time to get back into the music work. However this spring she started putting together the people and music for this years program and the group has been working diligently ever since.

The friends or 'usual suspects' for this year's program currently includes Sharon Rae Martin, John Kleinwolterink, Lisa Kleinwolterink, Barb Wilts, Chuck Grussing, Patti Burns, Jim Thoreen, Wanda Dagen, Sally Finzel, Thore Dosdall, Kris Miller and Athena Kildegard. Shaune Wunder will be the stage manager and Brett Nelson is in charge of lights and sound. Twig Webster will be taping the program.

Others may also be joining this group in song, instrumentals and dancing as the program comes together. The grand finale will be the traditional 'Stars and Stripes' played on two pianos by Athena, Kris, Della and Adair.

This has been an up and down year for Adair however one of the highlights was having the Morris Area Arts Boosters name a scholarship for Morris Area Students in her honor. The Adair Horgen Scholarship will go each year to a senior who plans to go on to college and participate in the arts. The scholarship will have four parts to it abbreviated by ABCD - Accompanying, Band, Choir and Drama.

Della and Adair are especially pleased to put on this program not only because they thoroughly enjoy it but also because they firmly believe in the mission of PRCA which benefits from the proceeds. "It is something we believe in plus we have fun doing it," stated Adair, "if we didn't have fun, we wouldn't do it."

So if you want to join in the fun and take a little trip through time and music, come to the 'Adair, Della and friends' program on Sept. 3 at 7 p.m. Tickets are $6 with children under 12 free. Tickets are available in advance at PRCA, 630 Atlantic Ave, Morris or at By Lo in Hancock. The Arts Boosters will be offering bars and drinks at intermission and there will also be an opportunity to donate in a free will offering. It is the perfect way to enjoy the arts while also supporting them.