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When I was 2 my sister graduated, left home, and moved to Minneapolis and then to Washington. When I was 7 my brother graduated, left home and moved to Alaska and then Africa and then South Carolina and so I grew up pretty much as an only child. I am not complaining, I had a wonderful idyllic childhood, but I think being alone forces (or allows) you to do things maybe other children don't do. I had an active imagination and was always going on "trips". I would get up early in the morning, pack a lunch, take my favorite books and magazines I had saved up (usually it was the "Jack and Jill" magazine I had gotten in the mail and who knows what else) and take off on my "trip". Obviously this trip never took me far since it had to be someplace I could walk to--but nevertheless it was a trip or vacation for the day. This past weekend I had this sort of "vacation". It was one of those rare weekends when I had virtually nothing going on, no place I had to be and nothing I had to do. My husband was gone for the day also so I didn't even have meals to prepare. I ate "special treats" I made for myself, enjoyed coffee outside in the wonderful sunshine while reading great books and magazines I had saved up, and dabbled in an assortment of art projects I have been thinking about. Reading isn't a necessity, many times just looking at a beautiful book about nature or art is just as wonderful. I especially like looking at a couple books we have here called "leaves and pods" and another one called "beach stones". Calm, focus, and serenity are just minutes away in your own backyard, so try going on a mini vacation and taking some of our books and magazines along for the ride.

HEY, if you are going to the state fair next Wednesday, Sept. 2, we have a deal for you. It is the Library's "Read and Ride" day. It amounts to a $2 discount for each admission with a library card. There are also discounts all day on the midway and kidway on rides, games, and concessions. Since that is our day to go anyway for the Dairy Show I guess it is time to sign my husband up for a library card. Great!! So if you are going to the state fair Sept. 2nd, don't forget your library card -- and

See ya at the Library!!