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Cyrus Area News

North Cyrus

Betty Sayre spent Thursday until Saturday at St. Paul's Church. On Friday Betty attended the wedding of Matthew Ewy and Amy McKool at the All Saint's Church in Cottage Grove.

Swan Lake

Mr. and Mrs. Barry Gades were among the many to enjoy the Stevens County Fair.

Betty Zinda is spending a few days with Renee Helberg and Dan Helberg while her husband is out west.

Renee Helberg and Dan Helberg were among other friends to help Gladys Helberg celebrate her birthday on Monday afternoon.

Clare Strand and family spent the weekend at Champlin.

Services were held at the Scandia West Church on Sunday. It was a beautiful Sunday for an outdoor services.

Amanda Dohlen visited Sunday at the Gary Dohlen home.

Cyrus Area

The circles of the Trinity Church will be meeting again in September. Then they will be starting a new bible study.

Everyone seems to have been very busy with summer, garden, flowers, and canning and freezing fruit and vegetables. Therefore, there is little time left to go anywhere.

There is going to be a pep rally at the Trinity Church Wednesday night in preparation for the upcoming bazaar which is to be held October 17.