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Bits & Pieces Hancock August 20

It all started when I received free tickets for a Twins baseball game. I could choose the day I wanted. When I asked Bruce if he wanted to go to a ball game, he told me to find someone and give them away to them. But I decided I would ask some women if they would like to go to an afternoon Twins game. My plan was to drive down and park at the Holiday Inn parking lot near Sargent Preston's in Minneapolis, but LeAnn told me that First Lutheran was taking a bus and if they had room, would I be interested. Well, to get out of driving in the cities, it sounded like a good idea to me. We were in luck, there were four openings and all we had to do was pay $6 each.

So on Thursday, August 13th, Betty, Leann, June and I drove to Morris and joined the group from First Lutheran. But instead of a bus they were taking two vans, still ok with me. The plan was to park at the Mall of America and take the light rail over to the ballpark. Sounded like a good idea at the time. We arrived, found a good spot to park, paid the $3 fee if you were a senior citizen and $4 otherwise. We arrived at the ballpark and walked to our section, so far, so good.

The Twins lost, hot dogs were over $5 a piece and pop or water was $4. Beer was $6.50, we passed on that.

The game was over, our intent was to meet our party at the train station and ride back together, that is when it got interesting, about 10,000 or so other people had the same idea and the light rail was involved in an accident where someone was killed, so besides being off schedule we waited in line with the other eager fans to return to the MOA. We waited in the heat for 45 minutes and just before we were going to board we saw our party about a 100 people behind us, not a chance of getting on at the same time, so we took off when we were able to board the train.

There are no limits on how many passengers can ride the train and we were packed in there like sardines. And they are worried about people getting sick with the H1N1 flu virus. Not to mention the people, they also brought strollers and bicycles on the train. It was a zoo. We spent a little time at the Mall and took off for home, a little dirty and very tired. What an interesting trip. But to add to the interest, in a conversation with a women I asked if she were from outstate, to which she replied, no I'm from Minnesota, so then I asked how far she had to come. Her reply was about 50 miles, from Buffalo, she was taking her granddaughter to the ball game, her granddaughter was from Chokio.

So no matter how far or where you roam, there is someone who knows where you are from.

Have a good day!