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Hancock Bit's & Pieces

There has been talk of not having spelling anymore, that it isn't important as we are using electronic devices for our communication.

While I find that interesting and can understand when we are talking to each other words that sound the same, but are spelled differently don't matter, but when you write to one another, how will you know what you are talking about, for instance, I hired a maid and hope to have my bed made everyday or the two of us went to a ball game and we wondered if you wanted to go too or, we went on the same road and rode in my car. You get the picture.

And there's more I was there when their house burned down and this week I plan on going to the fair and I'm glad there isn't a fare to be paid to get in.

Or I bought some pears this week and I like to pare them before I eat them and usually I buy a pair at a time.

Oh my, it is really getting confusing, how about the farmer who is having his cows bred, while his wife is making bread in the house, sort of makes your stomach turn, right.

And this one is really confusing, please do not breath on me with your bad breath.

Oh my, have a good day! See you at the fair!