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Looking Back

15 Years Ago

Items taken from the Sun of August 2, 1994

The Morris Municipal Airport Manager, Dorothy Schneider, is the recipient of the 1993 Minnesota Council of Airport's (MCOA) Award of excellence. The award will be presented on Tuesday evening, Aug. 9, at the Morris City Council meeting. A representative of MCOA will present the Award of Excellence for Airport Field and Lighting Maintenance. Dorothy was chosen because of her exemplary dedication to all aspects of maintenance at the Morris Airport. Schneider often borrows the equipment to personally mow the grass at the airport. In the winter, she walks up and down the runway, shovel in hand, clearing the drifted snow away from the lights.

Dean Paulson has accepted a position in Glenwood as Pope County Executive Director of ASC. Dean has been General Manager of the Morris Co-op for the past 12 1/2 years. He extends a hearty "Thank You" to patrons and friends with whom he has worked at the Co-op.

40 Years Ago

Items taken from the Sun of August 5, 1969

Dr. Dennis D. Warnes has recently been appointed assistant professor and agronomist at the West Central Experiment Station in Morris, according to Ralph Smith, superintendent. Dr. Warnes is a native of Stephen, Minn. He graduated from the Northwest School of Agriculture, Crookston, completed his master's at the University of Minnesota, and completed his doctoral work at the University of Nebraska.

Fr. Richard J. Leisen, president of Key-Row Corporation, advises that he was just informed by the Federal Housing Authority in Minneapolis that a $111,534 contract was awarded to Key-Row Community, Inc. to be used for a rent-supplement program at Morris. Fr. Leisen stated that he has been in touch with Senator Mondale's office for the past two months regarding this project. Ray Schmidt and Chester Birch of Morris and others are working with Fr. Leisen and Key-Row Corporation on the final details preparing for the construction at Morris.

Mrs. Ralph Mohr Sr. was winner of the first prize in the annual baking contest on Krazy Daze, sponsored by the Stevens County Farm Bureau. The contest attracted 31 entries, the largest number in the history of the event. Second prize winner was Mrs. Donald Krueger. Winning third prize was Mrs. Dean Zeltwanger. The entries were judged by Mrs. John Scharf.

75 Years Ago

Items taken from the Sun of August 10, 1934

President Franklin D. Roosevelt passed through Morris Tuesday evening. While the presidential train did not stop here, hundreds of people gathered along the right of way and saw the president as he looked from the rear window of the last coach and waved friendly response to the enthusiastic greeting as the people caught a glimpse of him.

Interest in the opening of the Morris public schools on Sept. 4 is centering on the close race now being run to complete the new Longfellow School building in time for the opening of the new school year.

A total of 1.19 inches of rain, the first appreciable rainfall in several weeks, were recorded at the West Central School on Wednesday. This rainfall brings the total record at the station here since the beginning of this year to 8.78 inches, about one-half of the 15.31 inches which is the normal amount of rain for this locality up to Aug. 1.

The Framnas 4-H Orchestra is making its final preparation to attend the state fair. The group was awarded a free trip by winning first place in the music division at the club encampment at the West Central School in June, and is eligible to compete in the state contest. There are no funds available for the transportation of this group so they are planning an ice cream social for Sunday evening, Aug. 19. The program consists of the orchestra, songs by the Framnas 4-H quartet, and some of numbers by soloists from nearby towns.

100 Years Ago

Items taken from the Sun of August 12, 1909

An application for a loan from the state school fund for ditch purposes from the county in the sum of $4,900 has been allowed by the state board of investment.

A good many weeds have been cut about the streets and on some of the vacant lots during the past two weeks, some of the work having been done in response to a call by the board of health. There are still some places that a liberal use of the scythe could improve.

D. T. Wheaton is now engaged in gathering the Stevens County exhibit for the state fair. He hopes this year to secure an exhibit which will in every way do justice to this county as one of the best agricultural regions of the northwest, and one which will be an advertisement and a means of directing home seekers this way. It will be to the interest of every farmer in this county to assist Mr. Wheaton in this matter by saving for him a sample of the best grains, grasses, and vegetables on their farms. Chas Loeffler will assist in arranging the exhibit and looking after it during the fair.