Weather Forecast


Area Weather: Heard this before? A warmer weekend on the way

Temperatures so far this week have remained on the cool side. We could see a warm-up by the end of the week into the weekend.

By the way, for you skywatchers, on Wednesday there will be a full moon at exactly 7:55 p.m., with Jupiter near it! The moon "undergoes a very slight penumbral eclipse, probably too slight for any shading to be detectable at all by eye," according to Sky and Telescope.

Unfortunately, Europe, South America, and Africa will be the best places to view it. In case you didn't know, the August full moon is known as the "Full Sturgeon Moon." The fishing tribes are given credit for the naming of this moon, since sturgeon are often caught this month in the Great Lakes and other major bodies of water. It is also called the "Green Corn Moon" and the "Grain Moon."

Have a great week and weekend!


One South Dakota tornado was observed hovering in a field for 45 minutes.



In 1904 a Detroit Lakes woman was hit by lightning. It melted her hairpins and the steel in her corset, but it did not kill her. She was one lucky lady!



Moorhead...Low 52...High 73

Duluth...Low 49...High 71

Brooten...Low 54...High 77

Twin Cities...Low 60...High 79

Rochester...Low 51...High 78

TODAY (Wednesday)

Partly cloudy. Winds: NE 5-15 mph. Precip: .00"

Today's sunrise: 6:09 am Today's sunset: 8:45 p.m.

Normal High: 80 Normal Low: 60

High pressure should keep the weather quiet for today.


•Thursday-Partly to mostly cloudy with a chance of showers/t-storms. High 77 Low 56 Winds: E at 10-15 mph, Precip: Trace-.20"

•Friday-Variable cloudiness, chance of showers/t-storms. High 79 Low 62 Winds: SE at 10-15 mph, Precip: Trace-.20"

•Saturday-Mix of clouds and sun, chance of scattered showers/t-storms. High 81 Low 66, Winds: S 10-15 Prec. Trace-.10"

•Sunday-Partly cloudy, chance of isolated showers/t-storms. High 81 Low 62, Winds: SW 10-20 mph. Prec. Trace-.10"

•Monday: Partly cloudy, chance showers/t-storms. High 84 Low 60, Winds: SW/NW 10-15 mph Prec. Trace-.10"