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Looking Back

15 Years Ago

Items taken from the Sun of July 26, 1994

Praise abounds for the 27 educators named Teachers of Excellence in the 1994 Minnesota Teacher of the Year program. Students, colleagues, parents, and community leaders call them "motivating," "committed," "caring," "innovative" and "incredibly skilled." Muriel Eggebraaten of Morris Area Elementary School is one of the 27 Teachers of Excellence for 1994.

An open house in honor of Martin and Lila Estenson's 60th wedding anniversary will be given by their children, Marlys, Monroe, Ted, Scott, and Mark, on Saturday, July 30th at the home farm, now the Scott Estenson home. Everyone is welcome to share this special day with Martin and Lila. Your presence will be their cherished gift.

Kyle Lembcke (nine years old) and Kyle Anspach (age eight), both of Morris are the grand prize winners of the Kleespie Tank-sponsored Children's Medallion Hunt. The hunt was held at Pomme de Terre Park during the Prairie Pioneer Days celebration. They got to keep the medallions, which they found, and they also each got a crisp $50 bill.

40 Years Ago

Items taken from the Sun of July 29, 1969

Olson Supply, Inc., on Highway 28 on the west edge of Morris, is the new American Motors headquarters in Morris. In celebration of the addition of American Motors cars to its array of merchandise, the Olson firm will hold an open house Friday, Aug. 1. Everyone is invited to attend. Refreshments will be served all day.

Eight new teachers will be a part of the staff at the Morris public schools with the beginning of the new school year. One of these will fill a new position, that of an additional section of sixth grade - but all the others are replacing teachers who have left the system. New teachers are Robert Mulder, Candice Einerwold, George Graff, Jerold Kurz, Linda Ohe, and Linda Kieper along with Leona Landrigan and Ellen Kurud who were transferred from the Donnelly school to Longfellow.

Summer Story Hour will be held Thursday morning, July 31, in the University of Minnesota Morris gymnasium. Mrs. Tom Hackett and Mrs. Joe Jesseph are planning a program of games, music and stories for preschool children. Story Hour is a service sponsored by the UMM Women's Association for youngsters living in the Morris area. There is no charge and children from three to six are welcome.

75 Years Ago

Items taken from the Sun of August 3, 1934

Seven drouth area counties were represented in a meeting at Ortonville on Monday evening to discuss the proposed budget plan for drouth relief during the next 10 months. Representatives worked until 1 o'clock in the morning formulating resolutions to be presented to the authorities at Washington, advocating an immediate start on a budget system for maintaining foundation herds and work animals on farms until it is hoped another growing season will provide adequate feed to go on. The counties participating at this meeting were Stevens, Traverse, Swift, Big Stone, Chippewa, Lac qui Parle, and Yellow Medicine. This county was represented at the meeting by County Commissioner Peter Falk, John P. Hanrahan, Ernest Disselkamp, Lawrence Brandt, and Carl Hildebrandt.

Official opening of the West Side Park, with its new floodlights, new tennis courts, and other improvements, has been set for next Monday evening. City officials are being invited to participate in the opening of two kitten ball games that will form the principal attraction of the evening. Mayor Peter Nelson will pitch the first ball of the opening game. City Commissioner E. W. Eames is to be behind the bat and Dr. Amos Leuty, city commissioner, is to serve as umpire during the heaving and probable catching of that first ball.

100 Years Ago

Items taken from the

Sun of August 5, 1909

Messrs. Coolege and Muckler have now got their moving picture theatre running, having remodeled their booth to conform to the provision of the state law. They have installed an electric fan and otherwise improved the place

Young women, if you wish to be independent, learn shorthand and typewriting. A stenographer always commands a good salary. Send to Mankato Commercial College for their year book and you will learn all about it.

Now that the use of automobiles is becoming quite common, it would be well for everyone to take note of the law passed by the legislature defining the rights of teams and autos on the public highways. When an auto is to pass a team going the same direction, the team is to be turned out to the right and the auto to the left. When meeting a team they both turn to the right. Should a driver of a team or an auto driver turn out the wrong direction, they would be liable for all damages. Autos as well as teams are entitled to half the road.